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August 15, 2008


Francisco Echegaray

Juanita and Ria, there is a new book in English:

"The Origin of Humanness in the Biology of Love" by H. Maturana and G. Verden-ZOller, edited by my professor Pille Bunnell.

David Webster

Wondrous, feeling less alone just reading this.

Anders Vesterberg

Great post about an interesting subject! I comment on this post and discuss some implications for family-life and city-planning at


Patric Roberts

I was scheduled to attend the conference with my Lakota friend Jhon Goes In Center and due to circumstances rescinded commitment and look forward to attending next gathering in 2009.

I have been a student of Flores, Maturana and Verela since 1984. I fell in love with the new awareness arising in the notion of autopoiese! An article is being released shortly in Integral Leadership Review by Andrew Campbell and i regarding this conversation of humanness and oral traditional languaging of Lakota and First Nations people. What you articulate and point to in learning is what i am directly experiencing in the conservation of the Lakota language and culture.

I am currently involved in bringing forth a new organizational configuration called The Order of Earth exploring elder wisdom in this Homo sapiens amans amans notion. The Order of Earth is exploring Lakota/First Nations languaging as a participatory learning notion of legitimacy-in-coexistence with all life.

Thank you for sharing your insights and notes. I am new to the world cafe and am interested in generating and participating in future conversations.


Chris Corrigan

Beautiful...a co-inspirator!


this might be helpful....

"I think that the question that we must face at this moment of our history is about our desires and about whether we want or not to be responsible of our desires." -h.maturana

Juanita Brown

Hi Ria,
I'm not sure that there is anything recent in English other than his original work, The Tree of Knowledge.
They've just published a new book, but it's in Spanish.

Ria Baeck

Thanks Juanita for this blog post! Truly inspiring! Do you know if there is a book or an article that says more on this matter?
Thanks! Ria

paul t. horan


Life as a gift, is a gift.

Open your presence!!!

Jim M

I think our life's work is about co-creating with each other an ever improving and more knowledgable universe. We are just now awakening to our destructive habits (war, economic and ecological destruction) and realizing that the answer of collaboration and mutuality lies in nature herself. Our Workforce Cafe's have been generative and created the space for sharing ideas and learnings. Now if we can only train more people to listen deeply and pay attention to their intentions, the world will continue to change in new and better ways.

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