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July 09, 2007



'Swedish scientists have done extensive research on this and they found we first lived in small groups of 20 to 100 people who in any given week averaged 2.5 days for gathering and hunting and 4.5 days on talking.'

Hi Ulric Id love to know the source of this study please, where might I locate it thanks, Ruth


UR can also mean (system of) Ultimate Reality.

Also, I read somewhere that the ideal maximum collection of people is around 150. Personally, I think such a group would still be quite busy getting to know one another.

The formula for the number of 2-way conversations that could be conducted with N people is (N**2 - N)/2 (n squared minus n all over 2). If N=150, we get a very large number.

And since conversations are all incomplete since historical context and perspective change even over a little span of time, there is still of talking, sharing, story telling, etc that can go on even if all the possible conversations had been held. Then when there are 3-way conversations, . . .

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