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June 19, 2007


Deborah Goldblatt

Hello Juanita,
What you've touched on in your story from Brazil, particularly with the youth, is very much what we are after in The Youth Dialogue Project (YDP) - the bridging of process and issues to access our intergenerational collective creativity. The youth are starving for this learning. I'd like you to see the 20 minute video we're just completing (ready beginning of August) on the Youth Dialogue Project - featuring the launch of the project with a World Cafe. It's just a beginning but I think its going in the direction you raise. We're also putting together Mariah Howard's visual recording of the YDP, which we'll post on TWC site - we need someone to help with an edit to define its meaning.


Edgard Gouveia Junior

Ola Juanitaaaaaaaa!!!
Nos adoramos receber voce aqui em Santos. Realmente fascinates as ideias e sentimentos que surgiram do nosso encontro.
Creio, realmente que estamos despertando algo belo e poderoso!
Um abrazo latino!

Augusto Cuginotti

Hi Juanita! Wonderful to see you here feeling the energy flowing in Brasil. Meaningful contents are becoming issues in our restaurants, homes, bars and world cafés! love,

Amy Lenzo

I'm fascinated by the 'both/and' point you raise here about process and issues - 'process activism' I think you called it.

To me this is a crucial concept ... that it's not just about the process (which can be 'just' talk) and not just about the issue (which can be polarizing), but in the ability of process to 'hold' the complexity of the issues in a positive way. The two in tandem offer the opportunity to find non-didactic ways forward by an engagement with collective intelligence.

Ria Baeck

Hello Juanita, thanks for this incredible story! And lots of congratulations for your blogging efforts! You learn quickly!

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