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April 05, 2007


Phil Connell

"It as the power of the conversations themselves and the meanings that people took from them that did the organizing."

The meaning that people brought to the conversations also fostered transformation.The personal sharing depends upon the safety of the group or couple conversing.I have spent much of my career honing and using the tools for safety and empowerment.
The Cafe seems to be such a safe "place" to bring some of my thoughts to light. Thansk you. Phil

Amy Lenzo

Dear Dave,

Welcome to the conversation!

I especially loved your noticing of synchronicity and the connecting of patterns...

I'm curious about the work you are doing, and will follow up with you personally on that.

In the meantime, I invite you to subscribe to the World Café newsletter (there's a link on the front page of both this blog and the web site) we're about to launch, and to explore the new re-designed World Café website.


dave davison

i just received this link from Stephanie Ryan of Offerings and have just read your PhD thesis. I was really bowled over by how synchronicity seems to be working as "the patterns connect".

Your World Cafe conversations network is really in synch with some work we are doing to "orchestrate" conversations around important thought leader's books using the memes of the authors to catalyze productive conversations.

I hope to find my way to you and World Cafe to learn more.

With admiration,


Chris Corrigan

Seconding th erock on part...see you soon!


Dear Juanita:
I loved reading this story, having heard it many times. It reminds me of a long life of practise, and
I will contribute that story in the
Love, Anne (Elder)

Tree Fitzpatrick

Juanita, I am so happy to see you blogging. Rock on.

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