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January 01, 2006



Dear Ria:
You are such a great early adapter.
Our first author blogs are not yet
up, and there you are. Thank you
so much, and thank you for your
summary of the art of hosting
conversation. Blessings,Anne(Elder00

Amy Lenzo


How wonderful to have you here ... You've arrived as a very welcome early adapter, before even the core blogging team have logged in as co-authors! :-)

This first phase is seeding the conversation with some initial posts (which are not yet up) and inviting contributions through the 'comments' function.

The next phase will be to formally invite a few co-authors, who will be able to share their contributions as 'posts'.

Both are ways we can 'speak with each other', and I'm looking forward to hearing your voice here in upcoming conversations.

Ria Baeck

Amy, for me it is not clear if me/everyone can post into this blog... it says "this space is an invitation to speak to each other"... but it doesn't say how really...

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